Get Involved!
Host a Fundraiser

Create your own way to support Alberta Music Education Foundation by putting on a simple and fun fundraiser and raise awareness of our programs in your community!

Raise money or collect instruments in support of Keyboards or Strings for Kids programs. In 2014, the fabulous musical duo Sidney York (Brandi & Krista) collected instruments and donations throughout the province to support AMEF during a tour. This initiative provided AMEF with keyboards, violins, a guitar, and monetary donations to help the young people in these programs.

Brandi & Krista (a.k.a. Sidney York) promote their Keyboard Drive
Brandi & Krista (a.k.a. Sidney York) promote their Keyboard Drive »

Put on a recital or informal house concert with musicians and/or students in your community. Donations could be accepted as easily as placing a jar out, or accepting goodwill donations as entry into the performance.

The vocal group Kiva put on a concert and donated the proceeds to AMEF

Host a dinner party or barbecue, perhaps including a theme of music or music education. Ask guests to make a small donation with the intention of providing an instrument or instruments for at-risk children in the AMEF programs.

Host a Facebook Fundraiser.  In 2018 Joel Windsor hosted the first Facebook Fundraiser for the Alberta Music Education Foundation for his birthday.  It's easy to set up, and allows others to share in your support of music education.

Facebook Fundraiser

Hold a Walkathon or Run in your area. In 2014, with only the Board of Directors of AMEF participating in a walk at beautiful Gull Lake, over $2,500 was raised. Permits need to be acquired in certain communities when there is a minimum number of walkers or runners.

Companies, groups and individuals can Create a new and fun way to support music education with your own ideas. We will be happy to provide you with tips and promotional materials to help make your event a success!

For more information: AMEF office: | 780-409-8407